Worship Major


The Worship Major is a breeding ground for worshippers who see every moment of their lives as an opportunity to release authentic praise, teaching you how to build and grow a thriving worship team whose one goal is the magnification of Jesus. To Worship professors, the presence of Jesus in worship is something that can be accessed and pursued every day and brought into any situation.

A few things you’ll learn in the Worship Major include:

The origins of worship from the Bible in books like the Psalms.


How to build a team of worshippers who pursue excellence and intimacy with the Father.


The songwriting process and how to take a spontaneous session and turn it into an anthem of praise.


What it means to practice the presence of Jesus and make room for an atmosphere of worship.

We were created to worship. An atmosphere of praise is the breeding ground for broken addictions, changed hearts, and authentic revival. If you see yourself cultivating that atmosphere through music in the local church and beyond, the Worship Major is the perfect place to grow the leader inside of you.