Pastoral Major


The Pastoral Major is a powerful, interactive learning track that ignites a passion for servant leadership while honing the principles and skills that form a solid church leader. To Pastoral Professors, the church itself was created to reach the world, and every member of your congregation deserves the chance to serve and grow as a part of your community.

A few things you’ll learn in the Pastoral Major include:

How to service the destinies of your congregation through organizational planning and delegation.


The purpose of cultivating community and how to cultivate it in your own church family.


Practical pastoral skills for making hospital visits, officiating weddings, directing funerals, etc.


Leading from a place of obedience to God and His plan for your church.

The Pastoral ministry is one that demands a life rooted in the call of Jesus and willing to selflessly serve the family you’re placed over. If you see yourself restoring nations through the local church, the Pastoral Major is the perfect classroom to shape the servant leader you’re called to become.