The Marketplace Leadership Major takes a worldview divided between the church and the workplace and wrecks the boundaries, teaching you how to speak and move prophetically from the boardroom to the stage to City Hall. To Marketplace Professors, Influence is gained through intimacy with Jesus and exercised in prayer and biblical management practices.

A few things you’ll learn in the Marketplace Major include:

How to gain godly influence that can shift workplaces, political environments, and air waves.


How to lovingly defend your faith while working among people in need of Jesus.


God’s way of organizing business and what it means to build anything according to His will and ways.


Entrepreneurship and how to start something new with God.

As Christians, we’re called to bring the love of Jesus to every part of society, no matter what it is.
If you see yourself building a business, writing the next great story, leading movements, or shaping world systems,
the Marketplace Leadership Major is a perfect environment to grow the world-changer inside of you.