Evangelism Major


The Evangelism Major is an empowering learning track that breeds evangelists who not only walk in supernatural ministry, but teach others to do the same. To Evangelism Professors, revival begins with giving the entire Church the training and power to get out and share the Gospel in a way that shows people the love, power, and reality of Jesus.

A few things you’ll learn in the Evangelism Major include:

The history of revival through evangelism both in the early Church and in recent decades.


Principles of evangelism to lay a solid foundation for your ministry.


How to train others to evangelize within your own ministry.


The process of evangelism through treasure hunts and outreaches.

The world needs fearless pioneers who can present the Gospel of Jesus in relational, fresh, and authentic ways. If you see yourself moving in power and bringing people to the feet of Jesus, the Evangelism Major is the perfect boot camp to stir up the revivalist inside of you.