The Creative Media Major is a technically-focused, spiritually-planted learning track that hones creative skill in the areas of graphic design, photography, film, and sound design. To Creative Media Professors, the pursuit of artistic excellence and the development of communication skills is paramount to presenting the Gospel message in fresh, original, and beautiful ways.

A few things you’ll learn in the Creative Media Major include:

How to structure and shoot films for both abstract and story-centric projects.


The creative process and how spiritual development plays a part in inspiration and originality.


Photography and graphic design techniques that lay the groundwork for eye-catching visuals.


The importance of leadership in developing and working with a creative team and partnering with ministries.

Our creativity is a direct reflection of the God who created us. If you see yourself releasing the Gospel through stunning visuals and moving plotlines, the Creative Media Major is the perfect laboratory to develop the artist inside of you.