Family Major


The Children and Family Major is home to leaders who see the value in grounding the next generation in the same intimacy with Jesus as their grown counterparts, teaching you how to foster a supernatural environment where children can grow in both a basic understanding of the Bible and a deeper relationship with Jesus. To Children and Family Professors, the next generation is in the hands of teachers and healthy, loving parents who give them the opportunity to experience the same Holy Spirit that flows through them.

A few things you’ll learn in the Children and Family Major include:

The restoration of the Christian Family to a place where parents and kids alike can experience wholeness and freedom.


Organizational skills to keep your children’s ministry on track in a world of extensive church programming.


Growth and Development from both a practical and spiritual point of view.


How to integrate supernatural ministry into fun, interactive activities that engage and inspire the next generation.

Children make of 50% of the global church population and have the potential to shape the future with their faith and fearlessness. If you see yourself growing these features in the leaders of tomorrow, the Children and Family Major is the perfect place to gain the skills necessary to balance powerful ministry with adventure, wonder, and fun.